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Morning Coffee Cup

Morning Coffee Cup

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This intricate 3D sculpture is a highly detailed and mesmerizing representation of a classic coffee cup, meticulously crafted from six precisely laser-cut layers of wood veneer. The layers are expertly stacked and aligned, creating a captivating three-dimensional effect that brings the sculpture to life. The bottom layer forms the base and foot of the cup, while the subsequent layers build up the cylindrical body, handle, and rim with exquisite precision and delicate cutouts.


The true showstopper of this piece is the depiction of steam rising from the cup, ingeniously crafted through negative spaces within the layers. The word "coffee" is spelled out in a stylized cursive font, with each letter formed by intricate cutouts that allow light to filter through, casting wispy shadows that give the illusion of rising steam. The staggered and offset placement of the letters between layers adds a sense of movement and depth, making the steam appear to swirl and dance.


The varying tones and grain patterns of the wood veneer lend warmth and texture, enhancing the three-dimensional quality and making each layer visually distinct. This sculpture is a true masterpiece of precision and craftsmanship, combining the art of laser-cutting with the natural beauty of wood to transform a simple coffee cup into a visually stunning and artistic centerpiece.

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